Tools for manipulating ADTs (Action Data Tables) for the EU FP7 ACat Project
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A suite of tools for creating and manipulating ADTs (Action Data Tables) for the EU FP7 ACat project, consisting of:

  1. adttool:
A tool that generates new, or populates existing, ADT XML files using ROS bag recordings.
  1. adteditor (currently adteditor_GUIDE):
A GUI editor that acts as an interface to _adttool_ in order to make certain tasks easier.


  1. Install the following prerequisites:

matlab_rosbag - A tool for manipulating rosbags in Matlab without ROS.


  • Compilation can be a bit tricky. Use one of the binaries if possible.

xml_io_tools - A tool for reading XML into Matlab structs and writing them out to XML again.

  1. Change the path settings in the setpaths.m file.


Try running the adtdemo.m file. A path pointing to a sample rosbag needs to be changed in there too.

The demo file will load up a rosbag file, generate ADT XML from it using the adttool script, and start the adteditor GUI tool.

For more detailed usage instructions, ACat project members should refer to Deliverable 1.2 for now. These instructions shall be transcribed to a file at a later date.

Release Notes

688448a, 28/10/2015:

  • Problems with the checkboxes and removing topics from the timeline stem from the decision to use GUIDE for UI design.
  • In order to deal with this, I have frozen GUIDE-based development and created temporary adteditor_GUIDE.m and adteditor_GUIDE.fig files for user testing purposes that still contain the bug, and will re-develop the adteditor with separately. Once this is completed, the GUIDE-based version can be purged.
  • Progress-bar dialogs have been added to show rosbag loading progress.

0252d31, 23/3/2015:

  • Major update to adteditor.
  • Still some work to be done on the interface, but the hard work has been completed.


  • adttool is working well, but adteditor, the GUI ADT editing tool, is not yet in a functional state.