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arranging_a_meetup Tweak meetup checklist Feb 11, 2016
code_review Tweak Apr 30, 2015
deploy_without_downtime Removing DB column without downtime: cleanup, dropping indexes first May 26, 2017
holding_a_demo Checklist for holding a demo Sep 15, 2014
how_we_work How we work: Don't joke about blame Apr 5, 2017
incidents Incidents: More on campaigns Apr 10, 2017
libs Add app/exporters to Rails conventions; list Excel libs Jul 2, 2015
process Typo Jun 9, 2016
rails_conventions Update Aug 1, 2016
styleguide Clarify example Mar 1, 2017
wiki Wiki: cleaning days Nov 21, 2014 First stab at an incident response document Sep 28, 2016