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How we work: Don't joke about blame

We've had a few situations where someone made a well-intentioned joke about blame and the receiving party noticed these ill effects.
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If a problem is not too particular to the app we're working on, and does not represent an important competitive advantage for that business, we encourage extracting and sharing it.
#### Post mortems in a blame-free environment.
#### A blame-free environment.
The important thing when something goes wrong is to figure out why it happened and how to all learn from that, not to assign blame.
Looking into the error *will* certainly involve `git blame`, and possibly some mild teasing, but making mistakes is considered part of the process.
This process probably involves determining the people involved, perhaps via `git blame`, but only to learn more about how it happened.
Assigning personal blame, *even in the form of teasing or joking*, is likely to make that person feel bad, reluctant to do similar tasks in the future, and reluctant to be forthcoming about their involvement in any future issues.
#### Leaving some slack.

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