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Definition of done

When is a feature "done done" so its ticket can be closed?


  • Working code
  • Automatic tests
    • Tests updated or added
    • All old tests pass
    • Have considered if it can be a unit test (and the test pyramid in general)
  • Refactored (readable to others, maintainable)
    • Spend at least a few minutes, to the best of your ability
    • When in doubt, consider naming and Sandi's rules
  • Optimized enough (not slow when run with realistic amounts of data)
  • Secure enough (consider the security aspects)
  • Localized
  • Documented if necessary (others can use it)
  • Stakeholders have approved it
  • In production (deployed, feature-toggled on, rolled out to everyone)
  • Stakeholders have been informed that the feature is available
  • Old data and old code has been removed (if applicable)
  • Code making network requests, e.g. calling APIs, gracefully handles common network errors (see: Sidekiq retries, NetHttpTimeoutErrors)

Changes to the public site

  • Front-end code
    • Has been verified in browsers (for the general public: IE8+, latest Firefox, Chrome, Safari)
    • Has been verified to be responsive, if the project has that goal
    • Has been verified in the print preview, if printing this page makes sense
  • The support team has been informed about it and tried using it
  • The FAQ or equivalent has been changed (if applicable)
  • Copy has correct spelling, grammar and pluralization

What's not part of the definition of done?

  • Having addressed all code review comments (since we review after the fact and don't want to block on review)