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Checklist/reference when setting up new projects.


We're wary of full-stack libraries as we value higher flexibility above getting a generic flow running quickly.

We want to move in the direction of many small, focused libraries that do things at the edges of your app.

This is what we have so far:


We currently use breadcrumbs_on_rails, mostly because it's good enough and we're used to it.

More importantly, we keep breadcrumb building outside the controller with something like this.

Form generation

simple_form is decent.

PDF generation

When we value speed of development over point-perfect control, we use our own abstraction on top of pdfkit.

When we value precise control, we use our PrawnCocktail on top of Prawn.

We have a custom tool (not yet public) to visually preview them in a browser during development.

Excel generation

If we don't need anything fancy, we use our own ESV.