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Process conventions


We've agreed to a "timeout" convention, where you can make a "T" with your hands (or say "timeout", in an audio conference).

In a stand-up or other meeting, it means "enough detail, let's get back on track".

For a conversation taking place in our work room, it means "would you please end this conversation or take it elsewhere".

By agreeing on a shorthand, the idea is that we can be brief without anyone taking offense at the brevity.


We agreed on following these stand-up conventions

  • Everyone reports what they were doing the workday before,

  • what they plan on doing next and

  • what's blocking them.

  • The facilitator chooses who starts

  • Everyone has approx. one minute

  • Topics which are up for longer/in-depth discussions are noted and discussed in post-stand-up or in a separate meeting