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Starting a project

A basic checklist for starting a new project.

Talk within the team

  • What problems are we intending to solve?
  • Figure out which stakeholders we can talk to.
  • Discuss non-functional requirements, which ones apply, which does not, how does this affect the project? Security, Usability, Performance, Scaling, ...
  • Any new technologies we want to use on this project?
  • Make sure everyone becomes familiar with the technologies we're planning to use. Do a workshop, watch presentations, discuss.
  • Get a shared understanding within the team of what we're proposing to build.
    • Discuss scenarios
    • Draw on whiteboard
    • ...

Talk to the stakeholders

  • Talk to the stakeholders about the project and our initial ideas.
  • Incorporate any feedback we get.
  • Define a goal for iteration 1. Preferably something that can be demoed.
  • Take notes and improve this document.

Iteration 0

  • Set up a development environment.
  • Get a walking skeleton going early for shared understanding and get basic technical issues out of the way.
  • Set up CI.
  • Set up deploy to staging and production.
  • Set up exception monitoring.
  • Set up dashboard.
  • Spend time on automating and documenting as much as possible to make this faster next time.

Iteration 1 to n

  • Implement goal.
  • Demo it.
  • Adjust as necessary.
  • Are we done? If not, define a new goal.