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Wiki conventions

We use GitHub wikis to document project-specific things as well as all company information that can't be public (i.e. in this devbook).

They easily become a mess, so here are some conventions:

  • The first page of every wiki should start with an explanation of its role and links to other related wikis or documents.
  • When you organize the pages, ask yourself where you did (or would) look for a piece of information.
  • It's fine to link from something from more than one place if that helps find it.
  • New texts should be in US English. Translate any old, Swedish texts when possible.
  • Delete no-longer-relevant pages when you can. Wikis are repos with history, so it's not lost.
  • If a page is outdated but you can't confidently delete it, link to it from one page only, named Old pages.
  • Every few months we should have a "cleaning day" where we intentionally clean up wikis and READMEs.