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from django.apps import AppConfig
from django.conf import settings
from django.utils.translation import ugettext_lazy as _
class EventLogConfig(AppConfig):
name = 'eventlog'
verbose_name = 'EventLog'
# List of event types to be used in events. A list of dictionaries
# in the format::
# {
# 'name': 'info', # The method name.
# 'label': _('Info'), # Human readable label
# 'color': None, # Foreground Hex color used in the Admin changelist. Optional.
# 'bgcolor': None, # Background Hex color used in the Admin changelist. Optional.
# }
# Method names must be lowercase and only contain strings, numbers and
# underscores, but must not start with either a number or underscore.
# The max length is 50 characters.
# This is OK: yolo, hello_world, jerry123
# This is NOK: _yolo, 1pineappleplease,
event_types = {
'info': {
'label': _('Info'),
'color': None,
'bgcolor': None,
'warning': {
'label': _('Warning'),
'color': None,
'bgcolor': None,
'error': {
'label': _('Error'),
'color': 'red',
'bgcolor': None,
'critical': {
'label': _('Critical'),
'color': 'white',
'bgcolor': 'red',
# -- Email Notification Settings
# Fail silently if the email server does not exist or respond
email_fail_silently = False
# From email address used when sending notifications
email_from = settings.DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL
# Email subject and text body templates. This needs to be a standard
# Python string. You may use 'new style' format variables here.
# {type} Event type, such as "Info" or "Warning".
# {date} The date and time the event was triggered.
# {message} The message sent with the event.
# {initiator} The initiator string (optional)
email_subject_template = _('Event Log: {type}')
email_template = _('The Event was {type} on {date}\n\n{message}\n\n-- {initiator}')
def get_event_types(self):
All code calls this method and not `self.event_types`, so you can
programmatically create event types, if required..
return self.event_types