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A flatpages/flatblock application using generic relations to content models.
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If you want to add tiny snippets of text to your site, manageable by the admin
backend, you would use either `django-chunks`_ or `django-flatblocks`_.
However, both of them have one problem: you are limited to a predefined
content field; a "text" field in chunks and a "title" and "text" field in

django-generic-flatblocks solves this problem as it knows nothing about the
content itself. You *attach* your hand made content node (a simple model) where
you can define any fields you want.

.. _`django-flatblocks`:
.. _`django-chunks`:


Documenation is available online under:


0.9.1 (backwards compatible):

* Django 1.2 compatibility! Fixed a bug where tests did not pass under
  Django 1.2. Thanks to Brian Rosner for this.

v0.9 (backwards compatible):

* Fixed a bug where an integer was not allowed as a part of a slug.

v0.4 (backwards compatible):

* Added Danish translation.
* Added better documentation.
* Added unittests.
* If you fetch a not existing "primary key" object the templatetag will fail
  silently if settings.TEMPLATE_DEBUG is False.
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