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This app displays the current load and some statistics for your memcached instances in the index view of your Django admin section.


Put memcache_status in your INSTALLED_APPS.

That's all. Only admin-users with superuser permission can see these stats.


Overview in your Admin index view. Allows multiple memcached instances.

Details if you click on a instance


Unittests, General code cleanup to support Django 1.8+ features such as AppConfig, Django-Debugtoolbar support, Python3 Support, Compatibility tests with latest supported Django versions (currently Django 1.8 and 1.9) but the package is likely working with Django 1.4+.

Added support for Django's multiple cache backend setting. Kudos to Luke Granger-Brown for the implementation.

This version is compatible with Django v1.3 and up.


Initial Release.

This version is compatible up to Django v1.2.