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Release 1:
- cleanup README
- include correct copyright notices of vendored software @done
- add API documentation (require, etc) @done
- explain that we're jQuery-opinionated, but give jQuery.noConflict() example for Prototype @done
- list Java (version?) as a system requirement
- improve test output for command line @done(2009-01-30)
- merge back to Relevance's javascript_testing project on GitHub @done
- change generators to use Screw.Unit style instead of JS-Spec @done
- test that env-js works with DOCTYPEs now? @done(2009-01-30)
- rake task to open fixtures in your favorite web browser? @done
- make the generator check for "test", "spec", and then "examples" directory to create the "javascript" dir @done(2009-04-11)
- support Prototype @done
- support jQuery 1.3.x @env.js @done(2009-05-08)
- in browser @done(2009-04-11)
- from command line @done(2009-05-08)
- when clicking on a describe or it block in browser, run focused tests (thanks rsim!) @done(2009-04-11)
- fix timing issues of "require" calls in browser tests often causing first test to fail @done(2009-04-11)
- include Smoke for mocking @done(2009-04-11)
- automatically require @done(2009-04-11)
- command line @done(2009-04-11)
- browser @done(2009-04-11)
- add examples of mocking to README @done
- improve mocking example in README - show code under test
- caveat re stubbing in README
- change name of plugin @done
- change the relevance github fork's name @done
- create a "javascript_testing" github project with a README that points folks to the new name @done
- what is the new name? --> "blue-ridge" @done
Release 2:
- Document TextMate support
- fork the screw.unit text mate bundle
- add the TextMate runner from the karnowski/javascript_testing Textmate bundle
- "git clone git:// screw-unit.tmbundle"
- have to remove the "run" macro there
- "git clone git:// javascript-testing.tmbundle"
- needs to be smart enough to look for spec, test, or examples -- right now hard-coded to "test"
- known text-mate issue with builder.rb:
- might also have to move it in the "Pristine Copy" version too
- sprockets support?
- improve "require" to take an array and chain them together in order
- handle display of nested describes better for command-line