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@@ -169,6 +169,17 @@ Smoke is a JavaScript mocking and stubbing toolkit that is somewhat similar to F
expect(SalesContract.calculateTotalCost([componentX, componentY])).to(equal, 66);
+TextMate Integration
+Run your specs directory from TextMate using the [Blue Ridge TextMate Bundle]( (It's a fork of the original [Screw.Unit TextMate Bundle]( but adapted for use with the Blue Ridge plugin.)
+ cd ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/
+ git clone git:// Blue\ Ridge.tmbundle
+Then when editing a Screw.Unit spec file in TextMate you can:
+* press command-R to run the spec directly from TextMate
+* type snippets like "it", "des", "bef", "aft" and then press the tab key to expand into full it blocks, describe blocks, etc.
Tips & Tricks
* Avoid using `print` in your tests while debugging. It works fine from the command line but causes lots of headaches in browser. (Just imagine a print dialog opening ten or fifteen times and then Firefox crashing. This is a mistake I've made too many times! Trust me!)

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