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Update README to include link to Blue Ridge sample app

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@@ -112,7 +112,18 @@ Note that you must do the following:
* put jQuery into "no conflict" mode to give the `$` function back to Prototype
* require the `prototype.js` file
* chain any files that are dependent on `prototype.js` in the `onload` callback
+More Examples
+To see Blue Ridge in action inside a working Rails app, check out the [Blue Ridge sample application]( Among other things, this sample app includes examples of:
+* using nested `describe` functions
+* setting up per-spec HTML "fixtures"
+* stubbing functions
+* mocking functions
+* running the Blue Ridge specs as part of your default Rake task
JavaScript API
@@ -198,6 +209,7 @@ But even better, fork our [GitHub repo](
* [Blue Ridge JavaScript Testing Rails Plugin](
+* [Blue Ridge Sample App](
* [Justin Gehtland's "Fully Headless JSSpec" Blog Post](
* [Screw.Unit](
* [Screw.Unit Mailing List](

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