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Blue Ridge now supports headless testing running with jQuery 1.3.2!

* updated env.js (big thanks to Chris Thatcher & Jakub Suder!)
* changed Blue Ridge to use jQuery 1.3.2 by default for both headless and in-browser tests
* removed the caveat section from the README
* (note I'm leaving jQuery 1.2.6 in the repo to give folks the ability to choose either)
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Larry Karnowski
Larry Karnowski committed May 8, 2009
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@@ -196,10 +196,6 @@ Tips & Tricks
* Avoid using `print` in your tests while debugging. It works fine from the command line but causes lots of headaches in browser. (Just imagine a print dialog opening ten or fifteen times and then Firefox crashing. This is a mistake I've made too many times! Trust me!)
* We don't recommend testing jQuery or Prototype, especially event wiring. (You don't test Rails, do you?) Instead write a separate function, test it, and wire it to events using jQuery or Prototype.
-env.js and jQuery 1.3.x do not currently get along well (as of 2009-04-14), so Blue Ridge currently runs command line specs using jQuery 1.2.6. This is currently in active development, and any help is very appreciated!
Bugs & Patches
First, if you see any bugs or possible improvements, please use the project's [GitHub issue tracker]( to let us know about them.
@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ Release 1:
- rake task to open fixtures in your favorite web browser? @done
- make the generator check for "test", "spec", and then "examples" directory to create the "javascript" dir @done(2009-04-11)
- support Prototype @done
-- support jQuery 1.3.x @env.js
+- support jQuery 1.3.x @env.js @done(2009-05-08)
- in browser @done(2009-04-11)
- - from command line @in-progress
+ - from command line @done(2009-05-08)
- when clicking on a describe or it block in browser, run focused tests (thanks rsim!) @done(2009-04-11)
- fix timing issues of "require" calls in browser tests often causing first test to fail @done(2009-04-11)
- include Smoke for mocking @done(2009-04-11)
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