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Just some random libs I have lying around, now with version control!
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SECL Remove compatibility global, since it was useless (and superseded by … Apr 10, 2015
ServBrowser Initial code import Feb 1, 2011
Soundmanager Add 'soundmanager' Oct 20, 2011
async Add async 1.1 and scm rockspecs Jun 8, 2015
inifile Add rockspec for inifile Feb 2, 2015
repler Add rockspecs for LUBE and repler courtesy of @Alloyed Jun 3, 2015
.gitignore Rename LUBE to grease Jan 1, 2016


love-misc-libs is a collection of libraries written by me that are either small, or collected here for legacy reasons. Documentation for a subset of these can be found here.

Current projects

A couple of the projects here are outdated and deprecated, the following is a list of projects that are still current:

  • async 1
  • inifile 1
  • grease 1
  • repler
  • SECL
  • SoundManager

Note that not all of them have underwent recent testing, but I will respond to bugfixes in these projects.

1 Docs available

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