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Datastore is a CRUD SPA (Single Page Application) built on Prototype.js and CakePHP

What can it do

Datastore was optimized to manage software product information like product name, vendor and associated serial numbers


  1. ACL (Access Control List)
  2. Feedback on CRUD actions
  3. Assigning product avatars (GD Support must be enabled)

Live Demo

Check out the live demo using the preconfigured credentials below:

username password
SampleAdmin (all permissions) manager manager
SampleUser (read details) user user
SampleGuest (read overview) guest guest


  1. Checkout the Repo (this is a fairly large stack to download ~7MB in size whereof the biggest part is due to a waste of image files under webroot waiting to get cleaned up)
  2. Setup the database and directory permissions
  3. Configure Apache / IIS


  1. Create a new MySQL database datastore
  2. Execute datastore_default.sql on your MySQL Server
  3. Under /app/config save database.php.default as database.php, set your MySQL host, login and password as necessary

Directory permissions

The following directories must have read/write permissions for these users: IIS_WPG (IIS 6.0) or _www (Apache)

  1. /app/tmp (CakePHP's internal tmp directory)
  2. /uploads (to enable the upload feature for icon images)

IIS setup

  1. core.php is configured to be used on Apache web server by default
  2. to use with IIS, uncomment the App.baseUrl in core.php under /app/config directory
  3. the folder /app/webroot must be set as home directory in IIS Admin

Apache setup

  1. core.php is configured to be used on Apache web server by default
  2. mod_rewrite must be enabled
  3. the home folder should be set to the root directory