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#Modified Spine / Backbone Todos

Summary of 2 Todo examples based on Spine and Backbone JavaScript libraries.

Both examples work in conjunction with CakePHP framework as the backend.

#Live Demo

Checkout the live Backbone based demo and Spine based demo


  • Todo CRUD
  • Login (Backbone only)
  • Server Storage persistens
  • Toggle Local Storage <-> Server Storage persistens (Backbone only)
  • Mark all Tasks done/undone in memory and sync later
  • Drag'n Drop to reorder Tasks


  1. Checkout the Git repository
  2. Create MySql Databases todos_backbone and/or todos_spine
  3. Save database.php.default as database.php, fill in your login and password values
  4. Setup your MySql server using *.sql files located in root directory
  5. Check out js files under /app/webroot/js/spine/app/todos respectively /app/webroot/js/backbone/app/todos to see how everything works