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title: Happy 30th Anniversary Macintosh
display_name: Bart Dorsey
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date: '2014-01-24 15:43:45 -0500'
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<p>Apple is celebrating 30 Years of the Macintosh today. They've put up a <a href="">website</a> celebrating it.</p>
<p>My first Macintosh that I owned was an iBook G4. At the time I was mostly a Linux user, waiting patiently for Linux on the Desktop to take off. I had bought a $400 used ASUS laptop from a guy in our Linux User's Group at the time and the screen had just died and was going to cost almost $400 to replace. So on a whim while I was in Texas visiting relatives I went to a Fry's Electronics and after looking at the PC laptops and the iBooks, I decided to get a 12" iBook G4. Suddenly I realized I could have an excellent desktop OS with with my old Unix bash shell and utilities underneath. A couple of years later when it came time to replace my aging Linux tower computer, I opted for the first Intel 24" iMac. I've pretty much had Macs ever since.</p>
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