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Modifications of official EggBot Inkscape extension to support EggDuino
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This repository contains original EggBot Inkscape extension with changes to support arduino-based firmware EggDuino forked from CocktailYogi's version


  • autodetection of CH340G-based arduinos (/dev/ttyUSBx instead of /dev/ttyACMx)
  • modified serial routine to support arduino bootloader (no need to disable autoreset - new option available on Options page)
  • new smooth movement mode (option on Options page) available only with my modified EggDuino firmware). This mode sends special buffering-friendly SMQB command instead of SM/QB pairs.
  • autodisabling motors after plotting without layers. In layered mode motors stay on to allow pen change without repositioning.

Note it is still better to disable autoreset (I'm using 10uF capacitor connected between RESET and +5V). Autoreset is annoying especially in manual mode, because:

  • commands initiated from extension are delayed until arduino resets (about 2s)
  • there are movements of the motors and/or pen during reset
  • your board may be not autodetected at all

Have fun :)

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