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A simple Python wrapper for the Plancast API
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Plancast Python Wrapper

This is a Python wrapper for the Plancast API

It has been tested, but lightly. I do my best to keep things up to date and working but if you happen to notice something please make me aware and I'll do my best to fix it quickly!


Plancast API uses basic auth so you will need to pass in your credentials:

plan = Plancast("example", "password")

Search for users with a given name: plan.search_users("mark")

Search for plans in Toronto plan.search_plans({'q': 'Toronto'})

Discover friends from a social network linked to the authenticated user's Plancast account: plan.discover_friends({'service': 'twitter'})

Create a new plan: plan.update({ 'what': 'Drinks For Everyone', 'when': 'September 20th @ 7pm', 'where': 'The Rhino', })

The file has all the required parameters and options required for each API call.

Inspired plenty by the Ruby version from Wynn Netherland

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