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update french translation #17

wants to merge 17 commits into from

5 participants


Here I submit a little bettre french translation.


HAAAA!!!! why did it take from my fork from an other tree?! sorry I cliked the "change file" button in github...

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Commits on Aug 19, 2011
  1. @jinzo

    Added priority to Rule model.

    jinzo committed
  2. @jinzo
Commits on Aug 29, 2011
  1. @jinzo
Commits on Aug 30, 2011
  1. @jinzo
Commits on Sep 1, 2011
  1. @jinzo
Commits on Sep 13, 2011
  1. @keiouu
  2. @keiouu

    Removed print

    keiouu committed
Commits on Sep 19, 2011
  1. @jinzo

    Fixed a bug with Calendar.occurrences_after(), we can't relay on Even…

    jinzo committed
    …t having a end_recurring_period - it can end with some other attribute too.
Commits on Nov 25, 2011
  1. @chrisdev

    "packages" argument manually defines the included modules and inadver…

    chrisdev committed
    …tently leaves out the "conf" module. Use setuptools.find_packages
Commits on Jan 8, 2012
  1. @boskee

    Merged ajax_ui into master

    boskee committed
  2. @boskee
  3. @boskee
  4. @boskee
  5. @boskee
  6. @boskee
  7. @boskee
Commits on Mar 6, 2012
  1. @Christophe31

    Hello, a suggestion from a native french speaker... I did'nt "compile…

    Christophe31 committed
    …" it into .mo, still never done internationalisation with django.
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