This is a simple tool that lets you run EPiServer from the console.
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A tool to run tasks in EPiServer context


An example task:

public class SampleTask1
    private readonly IContentRepository _contentRepository;

    public event EventHandler<ProgressChangedEventArgs> Progress;

    public SampleTask1(IContentRepository contentRepository)
        _contentRepository = contentRepository;

    public void Execute()
        var totalPages = 20;

        for (int i = 1; i < totalPages; i++)
            var articlePage = _contentRepository.GetDefault<ArticlePage>(ContentReference.StartPage);
            articlePage.Name = "First sample page " + i;
            _contentRepository.Save(articlePage, SaveAction.Publish, AccessLevel.NoAccess);
            Progress?.Invoke(this, new ProgressChangedEventArgs((100 * i)/ totalPages, null));

        Progress?.Invoke(this, new ProgressChangedEventArgs(100, null));