An NSDate category to generate relative time strings from dates.
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WARNING: This pod is no longer maintained


NSDate+RelativeTime is an NSDate category to generate relative time (or fuzzy time) strings from dates. NSDate's are parsed to strings like for example 'Now', 'A day ago' or '3 months from now'. NSDate+RelativeTime seperates itself from other alike categories in the fact that it handles not only past dates but future dates as well.


  • Add the files to your project manually or via Cocoapods (pod 'NSDate+RelativeTime', '~> 1.0')
  • Import NSDate+RelativeTime.h into the class.
  • Call the relativeTime method on an NSDate to get the relative time.


The tests are in NSDate+RelativeTimeTests.m and require Kiwi to run.

There's a couple of things missing in the tests and I'd love a pullrequest if you know how to fix one of them:

  • A Travis config file for continuous integration.
  • Proper tests for the localization.
  • A way to run the tests in a cleaner way (not an entire generated project for just one file of tests).


There are plenty of possibilities for contributions to this category, there's a lot of optimalizations to be done about the readability of the code and/or the performance. Also the tests are a bit meager and there's only a few localizations. If you're not sure about a new feature just create an issue and lets discuss it!


NSDate+RelativeTime is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.