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Application to send HTTP requests to test your API endpoints.

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GetIt Body GetIt Cookies GetIt Headers GetIt Response GetIt Response HTML Preview

What can I do with it?

You can send numerous requests to a webserver. You can send RAW post data, form post data, add cookies to your request and add headers to your request.

The response can be viewed either as syntax highlighted code, with JSON even being made readable, as the raw output, which means no syntax highlighting, and view it in a webview.

Required packages


  • gcc
  • meson
  • gtk3-devel
  • gtksourceview3-devel
  • json-glib-devel
  • glib-devel
  • libsoup-devel
  • libnotify-devel
  • gettext
  • webkitgtk4-devel (optional)


  • gtk3
  • gtksourceview3
  • json-glib
  • glib
  • libsoup
  • libnotify
  • webkitgtk4 (optional)


  • Add multiple form-data elements to the body
  • Add custom data to the body
  • Add files to a request
  • Add cookies to a request
  • Add multiple headers
  • Set timeout for request
  • Set user agent for request
  • Keep track of recent requests
  • Response data is displayed with syntax highlighting
  • All headers from the response are shown
  • Save a request
  • Open a request

GetIt features playlist

How to build

$ meson --prefix=/usr build
$ cd build
$ ninja install

And then run getit

Generate RPM package

$ cd data/packaging/RPM
$ spectool -g getit.spec
$ fedpkg --release f26 local

This will create a RPM file which you can install using your package manager.

Generate flatpak bundle

$ cd data/packaging/flatpak
$ flatpak-builder --repo=getit_repo getit net.bartkessels.getit.json
$ flatpak build-bundle getit_repo getit.flatpak net.bartkessels.getit

This will create a flatpak bundle called getit.flatpak. To install the flatpak bundle just run the flatpak install command.

$ flatpak install getit.flatpak

And run it with flatpak run net.bartkessels.getit.


If you don't have flatpak-builder installed or don't want to generate your own flatpak bundle you can always install GetIt from Flathub.

$ flatpak install --from


If you have Fedora and don't want to build GetIt from source you can easily install it using dnf copr.

$ dnf copr enable bartkessels/getit
$ dnf install getit
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