Simple js module to detect when the user is really using your page
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This module helps you detecting when the user becomes idle (does not interact with the page for some time) or active in your page.


$ npm install --save activity-detector

Or load it from unpkg:

<script src=""></script>

How to use

Basic example

import createActivityDetector from 'activity-detector';

const activityDetector = createActivityDetector();

activityDetector.on('idle', () => {
	console.log('The user is not interacting with the page');

activityDetector.on('active', () => {
	console.log('The user is using the page');

Advanced options

Activity detector allows you to configure some parameters:

  • timeToIdle: number of milliseconds of inactivity which makes activity detector transition to 'idle' (30000 by default),
  • activityEvents: the user events which make activity detector transition from 'idle' to 'active'. The default list of activityEvents is ['click', 'mousemove', 'keydown', 'DOMMouseScroll', 'mousewheel', 'mousedown', 'touchstart', 'touchmove', 'focus']
  • inactivityEvents: the list of events which make the activity detector transition from 'active' to 'idle' without waiting for timeToIdle timeout. By default: ['blur']
  • initialState: can be "idle" or "active" ("active" by default),
  • autoInit: when true the activity detector starts just after creation, when false, it doesn't start until you call the .init() method (true by default),

For example:

const activityDetector = createActivityDetector({
	timeToIdle: 20000, // wait 20s of inactivity to consider the user is idle
	autoInit: false, // I don't want to start the activity detector yet.
    useVisibilityChange: false // do not fire inactivity event if user switches browser tab

activityDetector.on('idle', handleUserIdle);


// I want to start the activity detector now!

Instance methods

An activity detector instance has the following methods:

start(initialState = 'active')

Initializes the activity detector in the given state. This method should only be used if you created the activity detector with the autoInit option false.

This method receives the initialState param. It can be 'idle' or 'active' (default)

on(event, handler)

Registers an event listener for the required event

event can be 'idle' or 'active'.

handler must be a function.


Stops the activity detector and cleans the listeners.


Run tests

$ npm install
$ npm test