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url_matcher for non-latin URLs (not default)

Contributed by worn_mind, with this message...

I'm using mark-yank-urls and i have a suggestion.
Today there are a lot of sites int the internet that uses national
alphabet in url, so i think it would be nice if mark-yank-urls could
handle it. So i modified your script(patch attached). Please think about
it, maybe it's worth to be added.

... it's not default since it's not tested.
latest commit d5e737c40f
@bartman authored



  If you find any of this interesting, you may want to create a fork
  on github.

Main author
  Bart Trojanowski <>

  Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters
  Nigel McNie
  Jonas Kramer
  Olof Johansson
  Dave O'Neill
  Hans Dieter Pearcey
  Daniel Danner
  Julius Plenz
  << your name here >>

  This script will cycle through URLs in the terminal and let you 
  copy them (y) or launch a browser (<enter>).

  This script is known to be working, but is likely not bug-free.

    apt-get install rxvt-unicode xclip git-core
    git clone git:// urxvt.git
    mkdir -p ~/.urxvt
    cp urxvt.git/mark-yank-urls ~/.urxvt

    cat >> ~/.Xdefaults <<END
URxvt.keysym.M-u: perl:mark-yank-urls:activate_mark_mode
URxvt.reverseVideo: true
URxvt.perl-lib: /home/jukie/bart/.urxvt/
URxvt.perl-ext: selection
URxvt.perl-ext: mark-yank-urls


  This is a general purpose block copy script.  Alt-u emulates the
  mark-yank-urls script.  Alt-y is intended to work like the GNU screen
  copy mode.

  WARNING, there are still many bugs in this script.

    apt-get install rxvt-unicode xclip git-core
    git clone git:// urxvt.git
    mkdir -p ~/.urxvt
    cp urxvt.git/mark-and-yank ~/.urxvt

    cat >> ~/.Xdefaults <<END
URxvt.keysym.M-y: perl:mark-and-yank:activate_mark_mode
URxvt.keysym.M-u: perl:mark-and-yank:activate_mark_url_mode
URxvt.perl-lib: /home/jukie/bart/.urxvt/
URxvt.perl-ext: mark-and-yank
URxvt.urlLauncher: firefox

    - get rid of globals, use $term->{variable}s
    - whole screen capture
    - b,e,w,W,gg,G for movement
    - merge code with improvements made to mark-yank-urls

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