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Library to get progress feedback from io.Reader and io.Writer objects

To install, run go get


This package was created since most progress packages out-there seem to directly want to output stuff to a console mixing UI and work logic, work in a non-Go way (callback functions), or can only be used for specific scenario's like file downloads from the web.

This package provides wrappers around standard io.Reader and io.Writer objects which send back a progressio.Progress struct over a channel, so anything that uses standard io.Reader/io.Writer objects can give you progress feedback. It attempts to do all the heavy lifting for you:

  • updates are throttled to 1 per 100ms (10 per second)
  • Precalculates things (if possible) like:
    • Speed in bytes/sec of the last few operations
    • Average speed in bytes/sec since the start of the operation
    • Remaining time
    • Percentage

Some of these statistics are not available if the size was not specified up front.

Progress object


type Progress struct {
    Transferred int64         // Transferred data in bytes
    TotalSize   int64         // Total size of the transfer in bytes. <= 0 if size is unknown.
    Percent     float64       // If the size is known, the progress of the transfer in %
    SpeedAvg    int64         // Bytes/sec average over the entire transfer
    Speed       int64         // Bytes/sec of the last few reads/writes
    Remaining   time.Duration // Estimated time remaining, only available if the size is known.
    StartTime   time.Time     // When the transfer was started
    StopTime    time.Time     // only specified when the transfer is completed: when the transfer was stopped


The progressio.Progress object has at the moment only one function, the String() function to return the string representation of the object.


import (

// io.Copy wrapper to specify the size and show copy progress.
func copyProgress(w io.Writer, r io.Reader, size int64) (written int64, err error) {
  // Wrap your io.Writer:
  pw, ch := progressio.NewProgressWriter(w, size)
  defer pw.Close()
  // Launch a Go-Routine reading from the progress channel
  go func() {
    for p := range ch {
      fmt.Printf("\rProgress: %s", p.String())
  // Copy the data from the reader to the new writer
  return io.Copy(pw, r)


  • Add tests
  • Clean up documentation
  • Document byte/duration formatters
  • Extract byte/duration formatters and place in separate library (?)


Go library to get progress feedback from io.Reader and io.Writer objects




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