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// Example: 10-band Equalizer
// Please note: this code is not 100% click and run.
// You have to copy/paste these in the parts in your app where you want to use them, but if you know Novocaine,
// this makes sense! I recommend you to take a look at how Novocaine works first, it's easy!
// For example, init the filters and run Novocaine in the app delegate and communicate with the app delegate to
// set the gain for the filters (PEQ[bandIndex].G = someValue). Well just read through this:
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import "Novocaine.h"
#import "RingBuffer.h"
#import "AudioFileReader.h"
#import "AudioFileWriter.h"
#import "NVDSP/NVDSP.h"
#import "NVDSP/NVPeakingEQFilter.h"
#import "NVDSP/NVSoundLevelMeter.h"
// init ringbuffer and novocaine
ringBuffer = new RingBuffer(32768, 2);
audioManager = [Novocaine audioManager];
float sr = audioManager.samplingRate;
// define center frequencies of the bands
float centerFrequencies[10];
centerFrequencies[0] = 60.0f;
centerFrequencies[1] = 170.0f;
centerFrequencies[2] = 310.0f;
centerFrequencies[3] = 600.0f;
centerFrequencies[4] = 1000.0f;
centerFrequencies[5] = 3000.0f;
centerFrequencies[6] = 6000.0f;
centerFrequencies[7] = 12000.0f;
centerFrequencies[8] = 14000.0f;
centerFrequencies[9] = 16000.0f;
// define Q factor of the bands
QFactor = 2.0f;
// define initial gain
initialGain = 0.0f;
// init PeakingFilters
// You'll later need to be able to set the gain for these (as the sliders change)
// So define them somewhere global using NVPeakingEQFilter *PEQ[10];
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
PEQ[i] = [[NVPeakingEQFilter alloc] initWithSamplingRate:sr];
PEQ[i].Q = QFactor;
PEQ[i].centerFrequency = centerFrequencies[i];
PEQ[i].G = initialGain;
// init SoundLevelMeters
inputWatcher = [[NVSoundLevelMeter alloc] init];
outPutWatcher = [[NVSoundLevelMeter alloc] init];
// init fileReader with HappyUpThere.mp3
NSURL *inputFileURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"HappyUpThere" withExtension:@"mp3"];
fileReader = [[AudioFileReader alloc]
[fileReader play];
[audioManager setOutputBlock:^(float *outData, UInt32 numFrames, UInt32 numChannels) {
// pull data from the filereader
[fileReader retrieveFreshAudio:outData numFrames:numFrames numChannels:numChannels];
// measure input level
inputLevelBuffer = [inputWatcher getdBLevel:outData numFrames:numFrames numChannels:numChannels];
// apply the filter
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
[PEQ[i] filterData:outData numFrames:numFrames numChannels:numChannels];
// measure output level
outputLevelBuffer = [outPutWatcher getdBLevel:outData numFrames:numFrames numChannels:numChannels];
// Now while the above setOutputBlock code runs use:
PEQ[0].G = 10.0f;
PEQ[9].G = 10.0f;
// to set the first and last band to 10dB gain.
// A smart way to do this is to use the tag of the slider to match the EQ band and the value to match the gain!
- (IBAction)sliderChanged:(UISlider *)sender {