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SiteClass Verion 3.0.6

SiteClass version 3.0.6 is a PHP mini framework for simple, small websites. It can be esaly combined with other frameworks or templeting engines if needed. For small websites I feel that frameworks like Laravel or Meteor etc. are just too much.

This project has several parts that can function standalone or combined.

  • Database.class.php : provides a wrapper for several different database engines.
  • dbTables.class.php : uses the functionality of Database.class.php to make creating tables easy.
  • ErrorClass.class.php : Error and Exception classes
  • SiteClass.class.php : tools for making creating a site a little easier. The class provides methods to help with headers, banners, footers and more.

The following database engines are provided:

  1. dbMysqli.class.php : (rigorously tested) This is the latest PHP version of the MySql database engine.
  2. dbSqlite.class.php : sqlite3 (used for the examples)

There are a couple of additional databases but they have not been rigouously tested.

SiteClass Documentation

SiteClass Documentation

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