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The SlideShow PHP class gets a list of images from the local filesystem or from a remote web site.

A JavaScript class displays the images collected by the PHP class.


This was originally written in 2008. This version (April 2015) is a rewrite of that code. I have upgraded the code to use more recent inovation.


I have not tried any of this with IE on any version of Windows. I don't use MS-Windows, I don't like MS-Window, and I don't have MS-Windows. I have always hated that OS for what I think are very good reasons.

I use Linux Mint which evolved from Ubuntu via Debian. I have not tested this package on any OS that has not evolved from Debian.


There are two ways to install the package:

  1. Download the zip file from Extract the files.
  2. Use 'composer' ( If you don't have composer do:
curl -sS | php

Or if you don't have curl:

php -r "readfile('');" | php

After composer is downloaded move the 'composer.phar' to '/usr/local/bin/composer' and make sure it is executable.

To install the SlideShow make a project directory as follows:

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
composer require bartonlp/slideshow:dev-master

The package is under the 'vendor/bartonlp/slideshow' directory. You can run the examples from there or copy them to your project root.


There are several example files:

  • photos-prototype.html
  • photos-jquery.html
  • photos-jquery.php
  • carousel.html

'photos-prototype.html' uses the 'prototype1.7.2.js' version of the 'prototype' JavaScript framework (http://

'photos-jquery.html' uses the jQuery JavaScript framework ( via a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

'photos-jquery.php' is like the above HTML but instantiates the class differently.

'carousel.html' is an adaptation of Harry Armadillo ( nice program. Visit Dynamic Drive at for full source code etc.

There are two versions of the JavaScript SlideShow class, one for 'prototype' and one for 'jQuery'.

To install this demo do a 'tar xvzf SlideShow.tar.gz' in the 'Document Root' of the web server or in a sub-directory. The tar will create a 'photosTest' directory and 'photosTest/images'. If you have already untared this demo some place else before you read this README you can just do a 'mv photosTest '.

Configure the Examples

You may need to configure the 'photos-xxx.html' files for your filesystem. At the beginning of these files there are several statements in the <head> section.

To contact me email to


Barton Phillips Copyright © 2015 Barton Phillips


PHP class to gather photos for a slideshow




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