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A tool for generating random names (a bit like suggested GitHub repo names)
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RandomFriendlyNameGenerator Build status

Simple but flexible and powerful utility for generating random names and identifiers - with configurable number of components, separators, length and structure, usable in a single line of code.

Get it from NuGet:

Try it out: (if you want to get 10 names)
or with more params

*This is not guaranteed service, i.e. this AzureFunction might get disabled without notice


In all methods you can specify the separator, the length restriction and whether generated words should all start with a single character (i.e. alliteration).
Also, each method has an overload which returns an IEnumerable instead of a single string.

Human names

Get a simple random human-like name:

string name = NameGenerator.PersonNames.Get();

returns a single random name & surname, similar to below:

  • Jeana Chalow
  • Jaine Bobson
  • Godfrey Manning

For any method you can specify additional settings and parameters related to the name format, e.g:

IEnumerable<string> names = NameGenerator.PersonNames.Get(5, NameGender.Male, NameComponents.FirstNameMiddleNameLastName);


  • Byron Lorenzo Haan
  • Timmy Evan Swimm
  • Darin Demetris Kurshuk


var names = NameGenerator.PersonNames.Get(5, NameGender.Female, NameComponents.LastNameFirstName, separator: ", ");

which returns:

  • Bloss, Suzanna
  • Parkinson, Carline
  • Boegel, Jacklin

Other identifiers

Get a simple random identifier:

string name = NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get();

returns a single random adjective & noun, similar to below:

  • Adrenalized Soup
  • Informed Confusion (yup, that got generated)
  • Unpromising Graduation

For any method you can specify additional settings and parameters, to control the output e.g:

var names =  NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(5, IdentifierComponents.FirstName | IdentifierComponents.Animal);


  • SavannaBaboon Zollie
  • Mastodon Rubi
  • Rooster Hewet

or take more components and set the name to be first (a.k.a Bob The Builder style)

NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(15, IdentifierComponents.FirstName | IdentifierComponents.Adjective | IdentifierComponents.Animal, NameOrderingStyle.BobTheBuilderStyle);

which returns:

  • Morton The Unfriendly Crocodile
  • Ki The Skilled Cuckoo
  • Dacey The Illicit Labradoodle

or do something similar to Docker containers names, but with a very short strings

NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(15, IdentifierComponents.Adjective | IdentifierComponents.Noun, separator: "_", lengthRestriction: 10);

which returns:

  • Spare_Host
  • Human_Vase
  • Mad_Clue
  • Cocky_Bait

or you can go wild with picking any two random components and force them all to be alliterated

NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(15,IdentifierTemplate.AnyTwoComponents, separator: "", forceSingleLetter: true);

which returns:

  • BelgianBen
  • KitchenKorella
  • FinancialFerret
  • CameroonianChane
  • FilipinoFinisher
  • NonexclusiveNoodle
  • FleetingFrank
  • ElectricityEwan
  • InscrutableInstructor

or use one of the predefined templates, e.g.

NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(5, IdentifierTemplate.BobTheBuilder);
NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(5, IdentifierTemplate.SilentBob);
NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(5, IdentifierTemplate.GitHub);


Uniqueness and possible combinations

(The latest values for the info below are available in the 'Showcase' class in the tests project)

At the moment the lists of words contain the following numbers:

  • Adjectives: 4841
  • Nationalities: 186
  • FemaleFirstNames: 5047
  • MaleFirstNames: 3025
  • LastNames: 88799
  • Animals: 1160
  • Nouns: 5916
  • Professions: 411 Total of 109385 words. Unique words: 104049

Which in total allows for quite a few combinations:

  • Possible first name and last names combinations: 716 785 528
  • Possible first name, middle name and last names combinations: 571 834 304
  • Possible first name and adjective combinations: 78 153 104
  • Possible first name and animal combinations: 9 363 520
  • Possible first name and profession combinations: 3 317 592
  • Possible first name, adjective and animal combinations: 463 287 424
  • Possible first name, adjective and profession combinations: 2 056 154 672


(The latest values for the info below are available in the 'UniquenessTests' class in the tests project)

Code below, executed in loops of 100 000 and 1 000 000 times yields following results (they include overhead of adding strings to list)

 NameGenerator.Identifiers.Get(IdentifierTemplate.AnyThreeComponents,  NameOrderingStyle.BobTheBuilderStyle)

Generated 100 000. Duplicates: 1. Duplicates percentage: 0.00100. Elapsed: 329ms
Generated 100 000. Duplicates: 0. Duplicates percentage: 0. Elapsed: 408ms
Generated 100 000. Duplicates: 1. Duplicates percentage: 0.00100. Elapsed: 374ms

Generated 1 000 000. Duplicates: 51. Duplicates percentage: 0.005100. Elapsed: 3440ms
Generated 1 000 000. Duplicates: 49. Duplicates percentage: 0.004900. Elapsed: 3138ms
Generated 1 000 000. Duplicates: 33. Duplicates percentage: 0.003300. Elapsed: 3362ms

Contributions and feedback

All very welcome, I am happy to accept pull requests with clean and tested code :):)

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