Convert matplotlib contour plots to geojson
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A Python 3 module to convert matplotlib contour plots to geojson. Supports both contour and contourf plots.

Designed to show geographical contour plots, created with matplotlib/pyplot, as vector layer on interactive slippy maps like OpenLayers and Leaflet.

Demo project that uses geojsoncontour:

geojson contour demo usage


Install with pip,

$ pip install geojsoncontour


Use contour_to_geojson to create a geojson with contour lines from a matplotlib.contour plot (not filled). Use contourf_to_geojson to create a geojson with filled contours from a matplotlib.contourf plot.

Contour plot to geojson

import numpy
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import geojsoncontour

# Create contour data lon_range, lat_range, Z
<your code here>

# Create a contour plot plot from grid (lat, lon) data
figure = plt.figure()
ax = figure.add_subplot(111)
contour = ax.contour(lon_range, lat_range, Z,

# Convert matplotlib contour to geojson
geojson = geojsoncontour.contour_to_geojson(

For filled contour plots (matplotlib.contourf) use contourf_to_geojson. See and for simple but complete examples.

Show the geojson on a map

An easy way to show the generated geojson on a map is the online geojson renderer

Style properties

Stroke color and width are set as geojson properties following

Create geojson tiles

Try geojson-vt or tippecanoe if performance is an issue and you need to tile your geojson contours.


Run all tests,

python -m unittest discover