This is a boxee repository developed by bartsidee
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This project is not maintained anymore, feel free to copy or fork it
For boxee box user that are in search of alternatives, try to install xbmc:

Bartsidee Boxee Repository

This is a boxee repository developed by bartsidee


Follow these steps to get access to the repo:

  1. Open the main boxee menu -> apps -> repositories
  2. Click on the plus sign on the right
  3. Type your personal repo address: or mirror


  1. BartsideeTV
  2. Music Player
  3. Podcasts
  4. TuneIn


If you have any issues with the applications or the repo, please use the github issue tracker.

Feel also free to suggest fixes and pull requests, especially for the modules as they can be updated dynamically. For more information about the BartsideeTV module architecture look here.

If you encounter any problems with any of the apps in the repo, it could be of great help to include your log output with the issue.

First make sure you have set the log output to notice level: Boxee Main Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Debug Level -> Notice

For the boxee platforme versions (pc/mac/linux) you can just copy your log from you boxee userdata. You can find the correct directory for your installation here.

Boxee Box
For the boxee box you can not access the filesystem, so you have to get it from a special debug webpage. In your browser open the following link:
"Your boxee ip":8080

Press "get latest", and download the latest archive found in the list.

Boxee Installer

Find the EOL installers for OSX, Windows and Linux here

Boxee Developer Documentation

Boxee Developer signature