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BartsideeTV is an app that makes it easier to integrate tv channels, shows and episode from internet streaming sources. It is a framework based on the boxee api and a fixed gui to display content for people who do not have the skills to make their own app. Bartsidee tv modules are loaded using external repositories. These repositories are like boxee repositories, but instead of apps they contain modules. The modules are external python scripts to process/load a specific streaming source as a standardized component.

BartsideeTV offers:

  • integration of a wide variaty of stream sources in a single app.
  • a global search over all modules
  • static stream lists (depending on the module)
  • genre section (depending on the module)
  • episode view (depending on the module)
  • subtitle support (depending on the module)
  • database: fast searching and url caching
  • module api: build your own module
  • supports all platforms

How to enable source modules:
When you open the app for the first time no modules are enabled. You have to set them up for first use. BartsideeTV will save your settings so you will only have to do this once.

  • Open BartsideeTV
  • Choose the tab “Settings” on the top.
  • Scroll to the list of modules and enable the ones you like by clicking on them.

The framework will directly download the module from the repository when you have it enabled and you will be able to use the streaming sources from the main search tab or use static lists from the module tab. ANy updates related to the modules will be installed automatically.

For better performance in the search function please disable the modules you don’t use in the settings section.

If you want to develop your own modules and or update existing one, please have a look here.