Contains unittest code for paparazzi airborne software
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Contains unittest code for paparazzi airborne software

This is a very first attempt to introduce unit testing to paparazzi. It was succesfully used during development of the sdcard_spi and sd_logger_spi_direct. Some modifications were required to blend it into the existing paparazzi environment. For more information about unity and cmock, please refer to

Setup of test-environment

  • Put this repository parallel to paparazzi, for example: ~/paparazzi and ~/paparazzi-unittest
$ cd ~
$ git clone
$ git clone
  • Call the script in tools:
$ python ~/paparazzi-tools/qtcreator_ide_config/ <AC_NAME> ~/paparazzi-unittest/yml_template.txt

<AC_NAME> = Aircraft name as defined in conf.xml, for example "Microjet" (without quotes)

  • There are still some hard coded paths in the files that need to be fixed. Look for /home/bart/