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This is a Chrome extension and Firefox addon that adds notes to Gmail conversations. One note per conversation.

  • 100% free and open source!

  • Notes marked on one computer could be retrieved from another computer.

  • All notes are stored in your own Google Drive account, no 3rd party server is used.

  • All communications and authentications are directly between your browser and Google Drive.

  • The extension could only access those Google Drive files that are created by the it.

  • An offline Google Drive token would be collected to avoid logging in every time the Gmail is opened. But you could disconnect (revoke the token) any time.

  • No tracking code is added.

  • See the extension website for the source code repository.

  • Integrate with Simple Mobile CRM (require extra sign in)

Dependencies (included in source code)

Chrome Store Download

Firefox Addon Download

More Technical Details

About Source Code Update

  • To see the latest source code in production, one is always encouraged to use source code viewer like Chrome extension source viewer, and directly inspect the source code from Chrome store. The source code is never obfuscated.