Not in active development; see README -- A Django app that contributes Akismet and Keyword blocking to your django comments.
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.. warning:: This package is not in active development. It's likely not functional
             with the latest Python and/or Django version. If you like to take over
             the project please contact me. 


This Django application contributes a moderation class to Django’s comment app that provides:

* Check incoming comments against the Akismet spam database and either block
  them directly or add them to the moderation queue.

* Check incoming comments against pre-defined keywords and either block them
  directly or add these them to the moderation queue. These keywords can be
  simple strings or powerful regular expressions.

The documentation is online::

Quick installation

Here is a quick installation guide for users who are familiar with comment

    from comments_spamfighter.moderation import SpamFighterModerator

    class EntryModerator(SpamFighterModerator):

    	# Regular options by django's contributed CommentModerator
        auto_moderate_field = 'created'
        email_notification = True

        # Spam fighter options

        # Check with Akismet for spam
        akismet_check = False

        # If Akismet marks this message as spam, delete it instantly (False) or
        # add it the comment the moderation queue (True). Default is True.
        akismet_check_moderate = True

        # Do a keyword check
        keyword_check = True

        # If a keyword is found, delete it instantly (False) or add the comment to
        # the moderation queue (True). Default is False.
        keyword_check_moderate = False

    moderator.register(Entry, EntryModerator)