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Ruby GetText, but 9x faster + simple + clean namespace + threadsave
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GetText but 9.17 times faster, simple, clean namespace (7 vs 34) and threadsave!

Example Rails application


sudo gem install grosser-fast_gettext -s

Or from source: git clone git:// cd fast_gettext && rake install

Generate .po or .mo files using GetText parser (example tasks at gettext_i18n_rails)

Tell Gettext where your .mo or .po files lie: #e.g. for locale/de/my_app.po and locale/de/LC_MESSAGES/ #add :type=>:po and it will read directly from po files (not recommended for production since po-parsing can crash!) FastGettext.add_text_domain('my_app',:path=>'locale')

Choose text domain and locale for translation FastGettext.text_domain = 'my_app' FastGettext.available_locales = ['de','en','fr','en_US','en_UK'] # only allow these locales to be set (optional) FastGettext.locale = 'de'

Start translating include FastGettext::Translation ('Car') == 'Auto' _('not-found') == 'not-found' s('Namespace|no-found') == 'not-found' n_('Axis','Axis',3) == 'Achsen' #German plural of Axis

Disable translation errors(like no text domain setup) while doing e.g. console session / testing FastGettext.silence_errors


50_000 translations speed / memory small translation file <-> large translation file Baseline: (doing nothing in a loop) 0.410000s / 2904K <->

Ideal: (primitive Hash lookup)
1.150000s / 3016K <-> 1.130000s / 3016K

1.800000s / 3040K <-> 1.750000s / 3040K

16.510000s / 5900K <-> 16.400000s / 6072K

ActiveSupport I18n::Backend::Simple :
31.880000s / 10028K <->

Thread Safety and Rails

Parsed text_domains are not stored thread-save, so that they can be added inside the environment.rb, and do not need to be readded for every thread (parsing takes time...).


Try the gettext_i18n_rails plugin, it simplifies the setup.

Setting available_locales,text_domain or locale will not work inside the evironment.rb, since it runs in a different thread then e.g. controllers, so set them inside your application_controller.

#environment.rb after initializers

class ApplicationController ...
  include FastGettext::Translation
  before_filter :set_locale
  def set_locale
    FastGettext.available_locales = ['de','en',...]
    FastGettext.text_domain = 'frontend'
    sessions[:locale] = I18n.locale = FastGettext.set_locale(params[:locale] || sessions[:locale] || request.env['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE'] || 'en')

module ApplicationHelper
  include FastGettext::Translation

Updating translations

ATM you have to use the original GetText to create and manage your po/mo-files.


Want a yml, xml, database version ? Write your own TranslationRepository! #fast_gettext/translation_repository/xxx.rb module FastGettext module TranslationRepository class Wtf define initialize(name,options), available_locales, [key], plural(singular,plural,count) end end end


Mo/Po-file parsing from Masao Mutoh, see vendor/README

Michael Grosser
Hereby placed under public domain, do what you want, just do not hold me accountable...

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