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Reception is a rails-fronted for transmission-daemon for people who want to automate torrent downloading. In contrast to Clutch, Reception does not just download your torrents, it also automates the finding and filtering.

Reception was designed and built by Bart ten Brinke.


You must have a server running transmission-daemon

Fetch reception from source (gem is not available at this time)

$ git clone git://

Build and install the gem

$ rake gem:manifest
$ rake gem:build
$ sudo gem install pkg/reception-1.0.gem

Startup reception on your server and open it in a browser

$ sudo reception -d
$ open http://yourserver:3000

To run the sources import (add this to cron if you do not want to this by hand)

$ sudo reception -f


Open the transmission tab to verify your settings if the connection to transmission-daemon is not working.

Go to the sources tab and add a new source for example:

Name: Ubuntu torrents
Source type : scraper
Enabled : true

Now press test filters. As you can see Reception finds a lot of acceptable torrents. Say we only want to have the amd64 torrents. Click Back to Source, Should include add filter and enter the word: 'amd64'. Create and go back to 'test filters'.

All the torrents which to not include 'amd64' should now be rejected. This can be refined as necessary.


As you have probably noticed, this is version 1.0 so there are still things to do:

* Package project in gem
* Automate cron installation
* Nicer torrent view + Ajax updater
* Automated categorization of downloaded files.

If you feel like helping out, please do!

Additional information