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My emacs dotfiles
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My Emacs dotfiles

This is my current Emacs configuration

Getting started

Simply git clone .emacs.d and start emacs.

This config uses el-get and bootstraps itself by first downloading and installing el-get, and then downloading and installing any required packages.


If you start emacs a second or third time, and el-get is having trouble loading starter-kit-defuns or some other file, be sure to nuke ~/.emacs.d/.loaddefs.*

El-get messes up loaddefs generation sometimes but deleting them once should be the proverbial bash on the hood to set things straight.


I run Emacs in iTerm2, using the solarized theme as an xterm-256color terminal.

I have emacs aliased to emacsclient -t which will connect to an existing Emacs server instance, or start one and connect to it if no Emacs processes are running.

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