Ultra Debugger is an open source modules-based android library for application debugging.
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Ultra Debugger

Ultra Debugger is an open source modules-based android library for application debugging.


1. Add Ultra Debugger library as a dependency to your project:

debugCompile('ru.bartwell:ultradebugger:1.0') {
    exclude group: 'ru.bartwell:ultradebugger.module'

You can use compile instead of debugCompile if you need.

2. Add libraries of modules that you need:

debugCompile 'ru.bartwell:ultradebugger.module.reflection:1.0'
debugCompile 'ru.bartwell:ultradebugger.module.sqlite:1.0'
debugCompile 'ru.bartwell:ultradebugger.module.sharedpreferences:1.0'

3. Initialize library. Add code below in your Application class:


If you need specify custom port, add it as second argument:

UltraDebugger.start(this, 8081);

Default port number is 8080.


Ultra Debugger is module-based tools for easy Android applications debugging. It can be useful for developers and testers. Module-based architecture allow to extend functionality and add specific functionality for your project.

Currently available modules:

  • Reflection - allow call methods from current activity, see list of fields and methods in this activity
  • SQLite - allow see, add, edit and delete items from databases
  • Shared Preferences - allow see, add, edit and delete items from shared preferences

New modules will added...


After you integrate main library and modules libraries just start application on your smartphone, open browser on your computer and type in address http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8080, where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - IP address of your smartphone. It mean that your computer and smartphone should connected to same network.

How to support project

Your help is really appreciated.

  • Please create your own modules and make pull requests
  • Or just click star button on this page.

Modules creation

1. Create Android library project.

2. Add base library as dependency:

compile 'ru.bartwell:ultradebugger.base:1.0'

3. Create class Module extends BaseModule in package ru.bartwell.ultradebugger.module.xxx, where xxx - your module name.

4. Implement methods in your class:

  • String getName() - return human readable your module name from this method
  • String getDescription() - return description of your module
  • HttpResponse handle(HttpRequest) - handle HTTP requests in this method and return result which will sent into browser.

You can use classes Page, Form, Table, etc. which helps to construct HTML code.

Please feel free to see source code of another modules as example.


  • More modules: files, Realm, something else
  • Pagination
  • Design improvement for HTML pages
  • Code quality improvements


Copyright © 2017 Artem Bazhanov

Ultra Debugger is provided under an Apache 2.0 License.

Ultra Debugger uses NanoHttpd to serve HTTP requests (NanoHttpd Copyright (c) 2012-2013 by Paul S. Hawke, 2001,2005-2013 by Jarno Elonen, 2010 by Konstantinos Togias All rights reserved).