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web-manager provides a web-based management console to the Neo Freerunner. It can do it for any phone on which you can manage to run it but it is developed for and on a Neo Freerunner.

At this time the following features are implemented:

  • Getting GSM network status, though only reception strength is shown
  • Listing log files from TangoGPS
  • Listing of Contacts
  • Listing of Messages (SMS)

Planned features:

  • Sending SMS from the web interface
  • Reading SMS messages
  • Backup of key files

Feature requests:

  • Add here things you want…
    • Browse Filesystem (move/upload/download)
    • Manage Contacts (add/edit/del)
    • Manage all pim stuff (add/edit/del)
    • Manage programs (add/open/close/del)


The binary package can be downloaded from opkg.org