A Go webserver to use for a Ember Data demo. A minimal implementation of a REST server.
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This webserver is a backend for Ember Data. It is intended to be used as documentation of the structure of JSON that Ember Data expects and as an alternative to using fixtures during development.


The command beerapi is a standard Go webservice.

The tables that the server will handle must be defined in init. (This could easily be changed.)

The db package in this repository is simply an example implimentation of the interfaces in adapters. It has no persistence. To use a different database, replace the line Db = &db.Database{}.

Find the Ember application demonstrating Ember Data which is designed together with this backend at baruchlubinsky/beerdemo.

App Engine

Use this package on App Engine.

Create a directory for your app. Simply copy beerapi.go as the main file, move http.HandleFunc("/", beer) into init() and delete main().

Create a dispatch.yaml with:

application: restapi

    - url: "*/*"
      module: "default"

And app.yaml:

application: restapi

	version: 1
	runtime: go
	api_version: go1

	module: default
	- url: /.*
	  script: _go_app