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Software Engineering Lite

Software Engineering Lite presents a concise treatise on the fundamental topics in Software Engineering such as estimation of project metrics, ER modeling, use case diagrams and design of test suites. What makes this app unique is not only its illustrated discussions on the subject matter, but also a set of self-evaluation questions on the concerned topics together a detailed case study.


In summary, Software Engineering Lite presents:

  • Background theory on the concerned topics
  • A set of multiple choice questions for self-evaluation for each topic
  • A case study consistently discussed across all the topics
  • References used in the content and for further studying

Software Engineering Lite is a valuable companion for students taking related courses. Moreover, this app works offline without requiring Internet connection (no advertisements!). So, keep learning the principles of software design even on the go!


Software Engineering Lite uses content from the Software Engineering Virtual Lab that has been released under the CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0 license. A few spelling and grammar correcctions have been made. The content of this app — contained within the isad.sqlite file and various images inside the assets/images/ directory — are distributed under the same license. The source code of Software Engineering Lite is released under the GNU GPL v3 license, and can be found at GitHub.


Note: Software Engineering Lite is an unofficial port of the popular Software Engineering Virtual Lab. This app is an individual effort. It does not bear any endorsement by the Virtual Labs project, or MHRD, Government of India, or any other related parties. No copyright violation and/or intellectual property infringement intended. The sole objective is to spread the contents of the specified virtual lab to a larger audience.