Simple DNS server and framework in Erlang
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denes - Simple DNS framework in Erlang.

Works: Listening on UDP port and slimple parsing of most common packets implemented.

Plans: In future it would be a comprehensive library with embeded client and server,
resolver, recursion, database, forwarding, filtering, caching, dnssec, dnscurve,
benchmarking, stress testing, testing this and other implementations, etc.

New ideas: Shared cache beetwen multiple machines can be interesting idea.

Research plans: p2p dns.

Erlang was choisen because of expresivnes of it, especilly regarding
parsing and building binary messages. Also memory safety, speed, concurency, reliability,
parallel processing, and embeded database was also important factors.


Coded in about 6 hours after reading some RFCs.
Not functional at all.
Currently usefull for educational purposes or just parsing some DNS messages from clients.

Roadmap (in order):
   . handling compressed domain names (suffix compression)
   . handling truncated messages.
   . constructin of messages, as well port and ID randomization
   . creating compressed messages
   . answering queries from clients using dummy data
   . serving data from local file/db with erlang tuples or HOSTS.TXT
   . asking other server and waiting for response for it
   . recursion support
   . full IPv6 support
   . domain matching
   . ...
   . cache
   . ...
   . resolvconf integration (reloading upstream nameserver after network reconnection, DHCP update)
   . transparent proxy, sniffer mode
   . avahi supprt
   . ...
   . other data sources bind (master) files, ldap, postgresql, odbc

Copyright: Witold Baryluk, 2011
License: BSD, seed LICENSE file for details