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Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. @fxposter

    added min-width to #wrap

    fxposter authored
  2. @rkh

    Merge pull request #99 from KL-7/master

    rkh authored
    Header fix for Firefox.
  3. @KL-7
  4. @fxposter
  5. @svenfuchs

    fix typo in xavier's name

    svenfuchs authored
  6. @svenfuchs
  7. @rkh
  8. @rkh
  9. @rkh

    fix ringtone downloads

    rkh authored
  10. @svenfuchs

    add mathias as a volunteer

    svenfuchs authored
  11. @svenfuchs
  12. @svenfuchs
  13. @svenfuchs

    add mathias to the company

    svenfuchs authored
  14. @rkh
  15. @rkh
  16. @svenfuchs
  17. @svenfuchs
  18. @rkh
  19. @rkh
  20. @rkh

    show me all the headers

    rkh authored
  21. @svenfuchs
  22. @svenfuchs
  23. @rkh

    good ol printf debugging

    rkh authored
  24. @rkh
  25. @rkh
  26. @svenfuchs

    update Gemfile.lock

    svenfuchs authored
  27. @svenfuchs
  28. @svenfuchs
  29. @roidrage

    Enable hubble for top secret something something.

    roidrage authored
    Sorry, can't tell.
  30. @rkh
  31. @rkh

    try to fix geo ip issue on heroku

    rkh authored
  32. @svenfuchs
  33. @svenfuchs
  34. @rkh

    add stripe logo to order form

    rkh authored
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