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Baseball Hack Day 2018! MARCH 17

For Baseball Hack Day, we are collecting/crowdsourcing as much “raw material” as possible for participants to get an idea for the project here. Our goal is to collect a large list of publicly accessible APIs and data feeds/sources of anything baseball related, as well as existing tools/apps for inspiration for many years to come.

To avoid re-inventing the wheel, we encourage you to just link to other resources -- e.g., if you’ve already compiled a great list, or written a blog post, or know of another great API list -- please just copy & paste that link right here into this wiki.

That’s it. Feel free to edit for clarity. If you find an old link, try strike it through with a comment

APIs/Data source/Feed

Ticket Pricing


Non sports

Other public data resources that you might want to consider for mash-ups/correlation (hint: sign-up for any API keys now so you're ready to start building):

Resources/How-to’s/Inspirations/Existing tools for ideas, etc..

Also, see our inspiration blog at



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