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Data Reference

The following sections describe the different data types used by the Backpack API.


<email id='5' title='My Subject' created_at='2007-07-03 19:15:55'>
  My body!

List item

<item id='1' list_id='1' completed='false'>Hello world!</item>


<note id='1133' title='Your world!' created_at='2007-07-03 19:20:00'>
  Also pretty


<page title='Ajax Summit' id='1133' email_address=''>
    <belonging id='783'>
      <widget type='Note' id='1019' />
    <belonging id='784'>
      <widget type='Note' id='1020' />
    <belonging id='785'>
      <widget type='List' id='937' />
    <belonging id='786'>
      <widget type='Gallery' id='2873' />
    <belonging id='787'>
      <widget type='Asset' id='60887' />
    <note title='' id='1019' created_at='2005-05-14 16:39:02'>
      With O'Reilly and Adaptive Path
    <note title='Hotel' id='1020' created_at='2005-05-14 16:41:11'>
      Staying at the Savoy
    <list id='937' name='Trip to SF'>
        <item id='3308' completed='false'>See San Francisco</item>
        <item id='3303' completed='true'>Meet interesting people</item>
        <item id='3307' completed='true'>Present Backpack</item>
    <gallery id='2873' name='Around the town'>
        <image id='88278' file_name='parrots.jpg' gallery_id='2873' description='Wild parrots of Telegraph Hill' />
    <attachment id='60887' file_name='itinerary.pdf' />
    <tag name='Technology' id='4' />
    <tag name='Travel' id='5' />


<reminder id="6">
  <remind_at>2007-09-03 15:59:00</remind_at>
  <creator id="456" name="Jane D." />
    <user id="123" name="John D." />
    <user id="789" name="Foo B." />


<user id="1234" name="John Doe" account="mybackpack">


  <account-id type="integer">11</account-id>
  <created-at type="datetime">2006-09-27T20:32:15Z</created-at>
  <id type="integer">5</id>
  <updated-at type="datetime">2006-09-27T20:32:15Z</updated-at>

Calendar Event

  <all-day type="boolean">true</all-day>
  <calendar-id type="integer">5</calendar-id>
  <created-at type="datetime">2006-09-21T20:59:19Z</created-at>
  <id type="integer">21</id>
  <message>dinner with lisa</message>
  <occurs-at type="datetime">2006-10-06T00:00:00Z</occurs-at>
  <occurs-until type="datetime"></occurs-until>
  <remind type="boolean">false</remind>
  <reminded-at type="datetime"></reminded-at>
  <title>dinner with lisa</title>
  <updated-at type="datetime">2006-09-21T20:59:19Z</updated-at>
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