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Getting a single todolist doesn't return its ID #5

naehrstoff opened this Issue · 2 comments

3 participants

Peter Gassner David Heinemeier Hansson Nick Quaranto
Peter Gassner

I expect that a call to GET /projects/1/todolists/1.json would return an object that includes an id key with the ID of the requested todolist.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Why would you need the id of the list if you already know the url for it?

Peter Gassner

I was starting out with getting projects, which have an ID, and then continued to discover that todolists don't return an ID – that's why I was kind of expecting it to be there.

I know I can get the ID from the URL like it was in the old API, it just seemed convenient to have the ID to build up the URL for adding todos to that list. An addTodoUrl key would be even more loved, of course!

So guess it's not an oversight, so this issue may safely be closed, I'd say.

Nick Quaranto qrush closed this in dc9c8ec
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